Is the process of buying a property inTurkey similar to the process in England?   ANSWER

Can you make all the same  checks that you would make in Britain?   ANSWER

How do I find a Property in Turkey?   ANSWER

What should I bear in mind when looking for a Property?   ANSWER

Different types of  ''title'' in Turkey?   ANSWER

What not to do?   ANSWER

What are the main dangers when buying property in Turkey?    ANSWER

What is the process of buying a Property?    ANSWER

Fees?    ANSWER

Loans & Mortgages?    ANSWER

Do I need permission to buy?   ANSWER

What happens if either I or my Co-owner dies?    ANSWER

The need for advice?   ANSWER

Special points for new properties?   ANSWER

The Role of the Notary?    ANSWER

What about a survey?     ANSWER

Where should the money be paid?    ANSWER

Do I have to be in Turkey to complete the transaction?   ANSWER

What about paying the taxes due?    ANSWER

Is there a Land Registry system in Turkey?    ANSWER

In whose name should you purchase the property?   ANSWER

Why have a Mortgage?   ANSWER

Should I take a UK or an Overseas Mortgage?   ANSWER

UK Mortgage?   ANSWER

Overseas Mortgage ?   ANSWER

When should I arrange the Mortgage?    ANSWER

What is foreign exchange?    ANSWER
What relevance does this have with my overseas property purchase?    ANSWER

Will my bank help me transfer money abroad to purchase my property?    ANSWER

Foreign exchange, foreign language.?     ANSWER

How can I secure an exchange rate?      ANSWER

How does this relate to my property purchase?     ANSWER

What are the solutions?     ANSWER

Residence Rules ?    ANSWER

Income Tax?    ANSWER

Deductions?    ANSWER

Tax Filing and Compliance Obligations?    ANSWER

Social Security Payments ?    ANSWER

Capital Gains Tax?   ANSWER

Wealth Taxes ?    ANSWER

Inheritance and Gifts Taxes ?    ANSWER

Inheritance and Gift Law ?    ANSWER